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Dr. Shayanna (Yanna) S. Mungo

Communication Breakdown Expert

Who I am

Dr. Shayanna (Yanna) Mungo was born and raised in North Carolina. She began developing her interpersonal, conflict resolution, and leadership skills as early as middle school by participating in a peer mediation program used to reduce bullying at school. Inspired to work with others at a young age, she went on to complete a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership, MBA in Project Management, MBA in Technology Management, and a BA in Psychology.


Since 2010, she has worked for fortune 500 companies to complete initiatives that were initiated in government regulated IT departments with an enterprise impact. Companies she has worked for include Bank of America, RBC, Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, Netapp, IBM, GSK, Allscripts, PPD, and Parexel. In 2017, she founded The Institute for Dynamic Leaders to take the experience she has gained over her career and utilize it to support organizational teams as a behavioral science leadership coach.

What I do

Yanna uses behavioral science to offer professional development for teams, organization culture training, and communication workshops to organizations with a diverse workforce. As a multi-certified coach, she helps leaders create and sustain safe space for employees to develop and maintain motivational working conditions.

Life outside of work

Yanna enjoys spending time with her 3 children; one high school senior and two toddlers. She is a first-generation graduate, and her daughter is building on that legacy by pursuing a degree in neuroscience after graduating high school. Yanna also enjoys completing word searches, crafting, and exploring the outdoors.

The Benefits of Change

TIDL will enable organizational leaders to acknowledge the diversity of individuals and reinforce communication skills for an equitable tone.  TIDL is committed to enabling organizations to realize the benefits of making incremental changes to behavior for intentional and sustainable change.

Core Values


Yanna is certified in Emotional Intelligence from Goleman and DiSC from John Maxwell. TIDL is certified as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) in the State of North Carolina.

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