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Dr. Shayanna (Yanna) Mungo
Communication Breakdown Expert

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  • Redesigning Performance

Growth at Every Position

My coaching and consulting services help push past where individuals would normally stop. Executives and senior leaders become better mentors, teams increase productivity, and organizations win with innovative and engaged employees. I help teams redesign how they work together, dissolve conflict in a healthy way, and build trust for peak performance.

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If your “business needs a boost”, please reach out to Dr. Yanna. Thanks to Dr. Yanna’s assessment and evaluation of our strengths and weaknesses (as individuals and as a small business) and how we engage and communicate with one another; we were able to work through what makes us better colleagues, better business partners and ultimately-a better business. Not long after our day-long workshop with Dr. Yanna, we planned a leadership retreat. During our retreat: we clarified our mission, modified our standard operating procedures (SOP), re-evaluated our programs and services, took inventory of our partnerships, and shortly thereafter, signed a couple of new contracts for the work we do. We learned from Dr. Yanna the correct way to hold our leadership responsible and accountable; and, for what we should hold one another responsible and accountable.
Douglas G, KBDB3, LLC

Dr. Yanna’s intention and interaction throughout the entire process shows your passion and dedication to the work.

Team Rapport Workshop

Good foundation for a great team

Foundational Training
  • Investing In People

Team Focused

We treat clients as individuals who change over time. We focus more on the evolution of supporting each other growing and not just the person you were or the person you want to become alone. Resetting or realigning is more important than focusing on the final destination that you initially thought was correct, but with less information.

Dr. Shayanna S. Mungo

Communication Breakdown Expert

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  • One Virtual 45 Minute Coaching Sessions, 31 page report, and 100 day Journal ……..$255

  • Three Virtual 45 Minute Life Coaching Sessions, Two 31 page reports, 100 day Journal, with a Partnership session $447

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we make change happen fast?2022-05-18T17:53:21+00:00

Changes in your teams behavior will occur at a responsible pace when the staff shares the same image of the solution as the leader, the staff is equipped and valued, AND the staff is solution focused.

How can I be heard during meetings?2022-03-29T16:49:26+00:00

You have a voice and want to use it. That’s great! Inform the staff what you are hearing them say, and then add your point. 

Example: What I am hearing you say is ….. I would like to share a way I can see us solve this together. What are your thoughts?

Can you help with male dominated teams?2022-03-29T16:57:37+00:00

Yes. I focus the conversations on communication styles and behavior rather than gender, age, nor education level.

Do you fix those people who are difficult to work with?2022-04-13T16:57:44+00:00

I do not fix anyone; however, I create safe space and communication strategies to foster diversity, inclusion, and healthy conflict management.

Where do you conduct training?2022-03-29T17:10:02+00:00

I will travel to where your team is located. Alternatively, I have had success arranging team building in a neutral off site location.

When can you train us?2022-03-29T17:10:54+00:00

Not only do I customize training to suit the unique needs of your team, I am able to be creative with training time. The goal is for the training to be digestible and to organically nurture new habits; therefore, the training does not have to happen in a long day.

Dr. Shayanna (Yanna) Mungo
Communication Breakdown Expert

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